As an Associate of HSA Canada, Centerpoint offers Training to the public in a variety of communities throughout western Canada. Please contact us for more information.
Interested in “in-house” training specific to your organization’s needs?
Centerpoint can offer training tailored to your organization in your place of business.
Courses Available:

  • Person Centered Thinking Skills
  • Person Centered Risk
  • One Page Profiles
  • Person-Centered Reviews
  • Transition Reviews
  • Person Centered Supervision
  • Positive and Productive Meetings
  • Introduction to Working Together For Change

Person Centered Reviews: Important To/For and Working/Not Working Reviews

There are ways of facilitating reviews that puts the person at the center of the process and draws on person centered thinking tools and approaches. This process often does not take any more time or preparation, but will develop a clear and focused person centered action plan with the person.

Person Centered Thinking Skills

Use Person Centered Thinking Skills and be able to:

  • Separate what is important to someone from what is important for them.
  • Discover what is working and not working in a situation from different perspectives.
  • Record how someone communicates through using a communication chart.
  • Identify what are core responsibilities and where you can use creativity and judgment.
  • Mindfully record learning by using learning logs and 4 plus 1 questions.

Person Centered Supervision

The strategies and tools used in this workshop promote listening and creative thinking.
Participants will be able to utilize the person centered supervision process to conduct positive and productive supervisions. This includes:

  • Clarifying purpose and success
  • Agenda negotiation
  • Decision making
  • Begin to create a culture of appreciation
  • Monitoring action and outcomes
  • Personal development
  • Clarifying roles and responsibilities

Person Centered Risk

Participants will be able to address risk situations using person centered thinking tools and following a person centered approach to the risk process including:

  • Understanding and agreeing current reality
  • Clarifying purpose and success from several perspectives
  • Balancing what is important to the person with staying healthy and safe
  • Clarifying roles and responsibilities
  • Considering contingency plans.
  • Creative problem solving

Positive and Productive Meetings

Have you been to this meeting?

‘Positive and Productive Meetings’, is an innovative, practical meeting process that ensures that people can listen carefully, think clearly and therefore make effective decisions together.

This course will enable you to change your meetings as you learn:

  • Techniques for developing a clear purpose and outcomes for each meeting.
  • Practical ways of ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard in the meeting.
  • Simple ways to increase the quality of thinking in the meeting.
  • Different tools for problem solving and covering agenda items.
  • Graphic templates to record information from meetings.

One Page Profiles

Use the core person centered thinking tools and be able to:

  • Identify what others like and admire about the person
  • Discovers what is important to you
  • Describe how to best support you in different environments and situations
  • Understand the benefits of using one page profiles with staff; for example as part of person centered team plans.
  • Understand how using person centered thinking and one page profiles can help to deliver personalized services.

Working Together for Change

What will people know and be able to do as a result of attending this course?

  • Know what the Working Together for Change process is and why it is important.
  • Be aware of a structured approach and how to engage people using services to review their experiences and determine their priorities for change.

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