Person Centered Planning

Person Centered Planning

Person Centered Planning (PCP) is used as a life planning model to enable individuals to increase their personal self-determination and improve their own independence.

It is a method of planning for anyone who is accessing supports to ensure they remain at the center of their decision making i.e. older people, those persons who are homeless, have health issues, have survived domestic violence etc.

Person Centered Planning – Children & Families

Through an agreement with the Alliance of Early Learning Programs Northwest Region of Alberta we piloted one page profiles in two daycares and one day home with the intent of introducing person centered thinking through the use of one page profiles.

Click Here to download example of one page profile for Kirsten’s first day of school.

Person Centered Planning for People with Disabilities

Centerpoint Facilitation has been delivering person centered planning in Northwest Alberta through PDD(Persons with Developmental Disabilities) since 1987.

Person Centered Planning – Older People

Gill shares Arthur’s story and how using Important To and For and Working – Not Working tools helped to define how to best support Arthur which enabled him to stay in his own home.

Person Centered Planning for People who are Homeless

Since 2007, Centerpoint Facilitation has been using person centered practices in a project focused on helping people who are homeless. This is the first time in Canada that person centered thinking and planning has been used with people who are homeless.

Tara’s Important To / Important For
Tara is 18 years old and she is a new Mom. Tara has bipolar disorder.

Click Here to see Tara’s Important To/Important For sort.

Person Centered Planning – Health

We are using person centered thinking tools to help people think about their health and well being. One page profiles are being developed by people to share with medical professionals, family and supporters to let people know how they want to be supported.

One page profile for breast cancer patient:
Click Here for an example of a one page profile for Katherine

Click Here for 4+1 tool used to quit smoking

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